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Bistro cacao's is the perfect spot for romantic dinners "à deux" and private business meetings. We also offer a generous outdoor patio and separate rooms for larger gatherings.

Patio Patio

Come and enjoy bistro-style French cuisine in a romantic and comfortable setting blending old France and East Coast avant-gardism.

Carré d'Agneau aux Herbes Apple tart

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Bistro Cacao is conveniently located steps from the Capitol and Union Station at 320 Massachusetts Ave, NE.

Bistro Cacao DC location

320 Mass. Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20002
+1 (202) 546-4737
+1 (202) 546-4739

Murat Aksu writes about Bistro Cacao in a January 2010 restaurant column of  I Am Modern (view original).

The Turkish nationals Chef Kemal Deger and entrepreneur brothers Bolukbasis make unlikely ambassadors for French cuisine in our nation’s capital.

The Hill Rag | Bistro Cacao's wine selection.

Such is the power of our melting pot society in the United States. I have encountered Chinese nationals running Austrian restaurants, Germans successfully serving Turkish dishes in Leesburg and now, veteran Turkish restaurateurs debuting a French country bistro in the heart of Capitol Hill. Vive Les Etats Unis!

When we visited this new Bistro, it had only been open for 3 days and it still operated in a “soft opening” mode. Situated in the quaint building that housed Two Quails for more than twenty years, Bistro Cacao is warmly decorated in rich red colors that make this locale eccentric, warm and cozy.

The Hill Rag | Bistro Cacao's eclectic design.

Tables are closely situated in petite chambers offering plenty of privacy and romance, masked by red velvet drapes. The senescent wooden floors and the strewed art work hanging on the walls add to the allure of this eatery. We were greeted by very dainty and amiable French manager Veronique Onteniente.

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